Nite-Writer's International Literary Arts Journal


 Ryan G. Van Cleave - Tallahassee, Flordia


Frog on lily pad;

Tibetan monk chanting poems

on a bamboo raft.


 Mokuo Nagayama - Kurashiki, Japan 



sparrow settle

on a scarecrow



Susan Weaver - Allentown, Pa.


 my nephews laughing face

light, go dark

fireflies in knee-high grass  



Ann E. Michael - Cooperburg, Pa. 


March snow melting.

My children and I busy

Pruning the grapevines. 


Haiku: Light Sleeper

Dr. Gary Blankenburg - Sparks, Md.


Walking out beneah

The star-poked sky - heavy, full,

Wishing it morning


A thousand - eyed night,

Silver slivered moon hanging,

Not a place to hide


Star - torched enemy,

Vast discomfort of sleep,

Hurry down today


Night, my nemesis,

Day, healer of all dark wounds,

Love, I cannot sleep


Winkum, Blinkum, Nod,

Gwine to sleep my baby chile,

Lullabye, good night


Sandman, bring a dream,

Strains of stardust melodies,

I'm a sleep head

Death's brother, death's twin,

The big sleep, the long dirt nap,

I am ready now


Night, dark eyed woman,

Shrouded in black sequinned gown,

Lay me down to sleep



 Ariel Marie McManus - Arlington, Va.


A new moon tonight

Swallow the light,eat the stars

No more stargazing


haiku: happily (n)ever after

Elizabeth Green -  West Des Moines, IA


Once upon a time

The princess married her prince

Only to die young


The illness unknown

The kingdom thrown to chaos

Years passed with no truth


True love was the source

People didn’t understand

How love’s kiss killed life


Afraid of dying

The pair chose eternal bliss

They found love in death



Jackie Maugh Robinson - Las Vegas, Nevada


brown eyes, sweet warm kiss

unconditional loving

time to walk the dog


suspended cocoon

shrouds a worm with potential

butterfly limbo


Bare autumn branch tips

Reluctantly surrender

Diamond rain drops


Pastel prism bow

Arcs the eastern cobalt sky

Sun’s parting salute